Introduction to Family law and types of family groups

Introduction to Family law:

Family law:

Family law can be defined as the body of law that regulates the relationships between family members, it also includes divorce and marriage, related economic and financial matters, and the treatment of children.

In the past, family law was closely associated with the law of property and succession (see property law), and, judging by the available records, it emerged primarily in questions of economic and property created by the transfer of a woman, what will happen, father’s family for the power and guardianship of her husband.


Along with regards to the relationship between the child and the parents, legal concepts which include custody, guardianship, and legitimacy were associated with the family economic interests and the family power structures. Family law has also traditionally dealt with matters of personal status – for example, the question of whether a person should be considered married or single, lawful or illegitimate – although the incidence and significance of these distinctions are often derived from property law. You can get the details of the immigration investment visa by simply visiting the abogado de inmigración houston, tx and adam vega.

Family law also includes some specific social issues along with other areas of law, which includes criminal law. For example, an issue that has received considerable attention since the late 20th century is the more serious problem of violence within the family, which is the form of physical violence by one adult member on another or by an adult on a child or another is may engage in violent or abusive conduct within the family circle.

When it comes to serious cases, the only solution will be to finish the cohabitation or to remove an abused child from the family unit into some type of foster or public custody.


Family groups:

Every family group contains some certain internal structure as well as relationships between third parties and itself. Family groups have become complex in some societies, for example, Roman patriarchal groups, Chinese upper-class families, Indian joint families, samurai families in Japan, and many customary family structures in Africa. The family can be a part of a larger group for example clan or tribe.

The two-parent family:

At present, the head of the family group consists of two husbands and wives and the children from whom they are born or adopted. Therefore, the law mainly deals with the rights of the couple and their children and the duties of the couple towards the children and each other.

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